Wrestling Information

Definition of a Novice Wrestler: Any 1st or 2nd year wrestler who has not placed 1st or 2nd in ANY open tournament with 6 or more wrestlers in their bracket.  The wrestler counts as 1 of the 6.  No wrestler may remain novice for more than 2 years.


NFHS 2013/2014 Weight Divisions

106 lbs 113 lbs 120 lbs 126 lbs
132 lbs 138 lbs 145 lbs 152 lbs
160 lbs 170 lbs 182 lbs 195 lbs
220 lbs 285 lbs

Three Middle Weight Classes were retained, although they are 7-8-9 in order now rather than 8-9-10.

145 lbs 152 lbs 160 lbs

The largest weight class (285 lbs) remains unchanged as well.


General Weigh-in Procedures for High School Wrestling:

  1. Dual Meets – weigh in a maximum of 1 hour before the meet
    (If a preliminary meet precedes a varsity meet, weigh in can occur before the preliminary.)
  2. Tournaments – weigh in a maximum of 2 hours before the first session of each day
  3. Contestants must remain in the weigh in area unless permission to leave is granted by the meet administration.
  4. Weigh-in begins with the lowest weight class and proceeds to the next weight class. Weigh-in ends upon the completion of the highest weight class.
  5. The referee supervises weigh-ins
  6. For consecutive days of competition, there is a 1 lb.additional allowance per day, maximum of 2 lbs. This allowance requires 48 hours advance notice for opponents.
  7. Contestants in individually bracketed tournaments should be named by weight class prior to the end of weigh-in.
  8. Contestants must weigh in wearing no more than suitable undergarments.
  9. Failure to make weight during weigh-in disqualifies the contestant for that weight class.