7 On 7 Rocket Rumble – June 15, 2013 7-9PM

Rocket Rumble 7 On 7 Wrestling “Under the Lights”
June 15th, 2013 7PM-9PM
Roy Davis Field – Catholic High
Weigh-ins are at 6:30PM

The format will be 4 teams, 2 from the North (NW and NE) and 2 from the Central/ South.  This year the 7 weight classes will be 113, 126, 138, 152, 170, 195, and HWT.  Graduating seniors are not allowed to compete since they are no longer in high school.  Coaches from each region will be coordinating wrestlers and weight classes for both teams.  We will have 2 mats running 2 rounds total for the night.  First round will be a random draw of 1 North team against a Central team on each mat.  2nd round will be winners matched up and team that loss will match up.  Should last about 2 hrs and we will start at 7:30 to avoid sun (at least sun down beginning).

We will need to confirm team rosters by May 31st but coaches interested in coordinating teams please let me know your interest asap so we can get an idea of participation.

Hotel accommodations are priced for $79 at the Clarion Hotel (previously the Hilton)

Clarion Hotel Medical Center

925 South University Avenue

Little Rock, AR  72204



Here is a link to a tournament in VA that gives you an idea of the format. View the video also.  Each year we can make it bigger and better! http://www.melee-til-midnight.com/

Team entry: $150

Tickets for all spectators $5

Weighins: 6:30pm